Stone is a beautiful feature for any home. Whether you’re aspiring to have a home with stone features or are researching your options for your current project, we’re here to help you understand your options. When looking at stone veneer vs. quarried stone, you’ll find these two options are different despite some visual similarities.

What are they?

Let’s break down what each kind of stone is.

Quarried Stone: This is a natural stone extracted from the earth. It is quarried in large blocks or slabs that can be cut down into smaller shapes. This stone can be used for both visual and structural purposes in a home.

Stone Veneer: This is a thin layer of manufactured stone that is used for decorative purposes. Typically, stone veneer is formed with a custom concrete mixture and coloring agents to offer a natural-looking and uniform product.

Pros and Cons

When we look at quarried stone, the biggest pro is that it is not just used for aesthetic purposes. This stone is durable enough that the larger cuts can be a foundational and structural part of the home. Because it is natural and cut, this can lead to inconsistent color and shape. Some find that variation is visually pleasing, but for others that is a con. Many say the biggest con is that quarried stone is typically more expensive than stone veneer because of the labor required and the value of the stone.

Stone veneer unfortunately cannot be used for construction because it’s typically under 2 inches thick. It’s meant to be applied as an exterior stone for visual purposes only. These are the pros that come with this manufactured and thinner stone:

Why Choose Veneer from Prestige Stone

Not all veneer companies have the same service and product quality. You’ll want to purchase veneer from a company that focuses on product longevity and has high ratings on quality and customer service. At Prestige Stone, we specialize in over 11 molds produced from quarried stone so our veneer has a natural appearance. Each mold comes in a variety of colors and tones. Our products have a 50-year limited warranty to stand by the quality of all of our stone veneer.

We encourage you to view our product selection and our manufacturing process.

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