At Prestige Stone, our goal is to continue building up a great foundation of stone veneer products. We want to design molds that are timeless but also take inspiration from the latest trends. This year we’ve dropped some amazing new lines that fit a wide array of structures and neighborhoods.

Midwest Dimensional

The Midwest series offers a clean and classy appearance to any structure. The contrasting stone sizes give it a more natural appearance. Each piece has a soft tone with only a slight variation in color and gentle edges. Midwest Dimensional makes a statement with dark cool-toned roofing and frames, or a classic and smooth look with softer warm-toned features. This series comes in White Onyx (shown above), Siesta, Luna, and Pebble.

Inspiring New Colors

With the new stone veneer molds we’ve created, we wanted to pair them with an array of idyllic new colors: Luna is a moon-chromatic blend that will remind you of the breathtaking view of a clear night sky. We also introduced the Beach Series. These four colors are a series of beautiful neutrals. Each shade is reminiscent of the many sandy beaches across our majestic land.


(Stones featured below include Southern Limestone and Dressed Ashlar)


(Stones featured below include Weatherledge and Southern Limestone)


(The stones featured below include Dressed Ashlar, Old Country Ledge, and Pro Stack)


(This stone is featured below in Midwest Dimensional)


(Stones featured below include Old County Ledge and Quarry Cut)

What’s Trending in 2023?

This year we noticed that one of our darkest shades Black Onyx and our very bright White Onyx stone are highly favored by designers. When you look at each sample, it isn’t hard to see why.

Each of these samples is rich in their respective shade and perfectly fits into the neutral and minimalistic trends that have been sweeping the nation. Both the Black Onyx and White Onyx stones fit perfectly when paired with another neutral shade and an accent color. These monochromatic tones delightfully highlight the natural texture of the stone.

What’s Next?

Prestige Stone is continually trying to better our existing products while adding new colors and stone designs, we are very proud of our creative process. 2024 will ultimately be determined by changing trends, our expanding facility, and our amazing business partners. While we’re sure the trends of 2023 will carry over into the new year, we are excited to see what’s next.

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